Family Pastor

I think teenagers are pretty awesome, and usually they are much more fun to be around than adults. I guess that’s why I ended up pursuing a career as a middle and high school English teacher (and also because I get paid to read!). My first teaching gig is what brought me to Pasadena, and I started attending FBCP around ten years ago. Though I was gone for a couple years while teaching in Thailand, I always returned home to this church family and a group of youths who captured my heart. I recently became Mrs. Dorman (yay!), and my husband Gavin loves hanging with our church youth, too, largely because they speak his language—movies, candy, and goofing around. Other things I love: chocolate, sitting around a fire with friends, and traveling anywhere and everywhere. Most of all, I love knowing and pursuing Jesus with such a diverse and fun group of people.


Leslie Cheng

Worship Pastor

 We love calling this tribe our home. We started attending in January of 2018 and were immediately drawn to how warm, loving, and fun everyone is. We find great joy in inviting everyone to participate and lean into worship. We also love hearing you sing! When we’re not worship planning, we love to eat and travel to new places. You can also find Leslie working on her head stands in yoga class or reading a book by the pool. Her husband Warren enjoys going on walks with his mom and rooting for the Lakers, Go Purple and Gold!



Lead Pastor

As far back as I can remember, church was a part of my family's life. I was baptized as a young boy, when belief was still simple and comforting. I studied architecture and studio art in undergrad, which have been great foundations for how I approach ministry and preaching. I was lucky to have married my best friend, and she still laughs at my stupid jokes after 15 years. Our kids are just the coolest humans I know. We love to be outside, climbing trees and riding scooters/skateboards/bikes/anything-with-wheels. I read way too many books, and buy more books than I have time to read. I love coffee until 3pm, then I hate it. I also love sleep, hence the fickle affection for coffee late in the day. I have found that following Jesus is rarely easy, but it is always good. I will keep my eyes open to the sacred pulsing in the ordinary rhythms of life, and you do the same. I am also always looking for a new surfing friend.


Gretchen Saalbach

Pastoral Resident

I’m originally from the Philadelphia area (go EAGLES!), but have also lived in Delaware, Germany, Boston, and Warsaw, Poland, before moving here to Pasadena.  My most formative spiritual experiences have been through both InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (both as student and as a campus staff member) and through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. I’m rediscovering the riches of the denomination I grew up in (American Baptist) and how faith can be lived out more fully and practically as well as with joy and humor.So, in many ways I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be (and even who I want to be) when I grow up. I’ve pursued mechanical engineering, teaching German language and literature, working with international students, working as an admin in both college and corporate settings, and I haven’t landed anywhere yet that fully defines me. But that’s okay since I see calling as a life-long pursuit, with seasonal assignments.

I enjoy conversations, movies, movies with conversations, laughing, traveling, playing the piano, singing, experiencing new things, going out to eat, praying for and encouraging people. I’m learning to like coffee and running (but not both at the same time).


Mary Winchell

Kids Pastor

(Mary is an all-star. What more is there to know?!)



Operations Manager

Although I am new on staff at FBC Pasadena, I am not new to the church. I became a member in 2002. Since then I have served in a few different ways. When my boys were young I helped in the Children’s Ministry department in the Nursery and Pre-school rooms. I was also Asst. Church Clerk & Church Clerk for the Board of Deacons for a few years and I have been Assistant Wedding Coordinator here since 2007. I am active in the PTA and have served on a PTA Board for over 13 years, mainly as Treasurer or Auditor. Before joining the staff here, I was the Office Administrator/Bookkeeper for a structural engineering consulting company in Glendale for 9 years. I enjoy hiking, camping and riding ATVs with my family. My husband Dwayne and I have been blessed with 2 sons, Kenny and Ryan, both of whom I just adore. They are both very different and quite interesting. I am excited for this new adventure in my life and to be part of the team here at FBC Pasadena.



Administrative Assistant

God first led me to FBCP in 2012 for a Midweek Bible study. I felt so accepted and loved on as a new Christian that I quickly chose to make this my church home. My husband and I were both baptized here together in September 2013 and married in the Chapel in January of 2014. My deepest passions are studying the Bible, worship and working with children. As I have grown in my relationship with Christ, the Lord has blessed me with opportunities to serve in Children’s Ministry, Choir and as a small group leader.


Corrie Alvaro

Creative Director

I have a background in design and visual art, which works well for parties and happenings here at church. My goal is to bring joy to people through the creation of beautiful things and beautiful experiences. 



Maintenance Supervisor


Harriet Tam

Sound Magician

I am really excited to be a part of the team. I’m born and raised in Hong Kong in a rather hippie family, which explains why I get to travel across the world to study audio recording in LA. After graduation, God has been placing me into various studios and churches, which eventually leads me to FBC Pasadena. I am very lucky to do what I love for a living and it is always a blast to work and worship with the musicians and staff here. I hope you can feel the joy and love our church has for music through worship, and feel free to send me all your mixtapes and jams!


Mark Norwood

Building Attendant

You will see Mark on Sunday mornings helping make the building feel like home. He is from New Orleans, which accounts for his kind and big personality.