FBC Pasadena is a passionate, diverse, quirky, and kind congregation. We know that God loves this world, so we love fiercely too. Spend some time among us and you will see what we mean.

FBC Pasadena isn’t a building or a program or a club; it’s a people called together by God in Christ. Following Jesus is a splendidly difficult way to live, and therefore we gather to encourage one another on the journey. We’re committed to this path of reconciliation, forgiveness, and wholeness found in Christ. You are somewhere on this journey too. If you don't want to walk this path alone, come join us at FBCP.


Each Sunday we gather at 10:15am in the lobby space behind the sanctuary for a few minutes to catch up before worship begins at 10:30am. Most people enter through the main doors on Marengo Ave. facing City Hall. Our worship is marked by creativity, a balance of tradition and innovation, and sacred rhythms. Sometimes we sing hymns to guitar and drums, other times we join the organ in the Doxology. The teaching is always a wild trip, exploring the intersection of Scripture with our world. We gather in joy, while also making room for the complexities of life. You can bring your full self into worship, doubts and questions, hopes and desires.

+ What do I wear?

Some folks wear a suit every week. Others love tank tops, and believe that God loves them too. More than one kid will take off their shoes as soon as they enter the building. No kidding, it is hard to wear the wrong thing to FBCP (unless you own a Storm Trooper costume, then you might stand out).

+ It’s downtown, so where do I park?

We have a parking garage on the west side of our property, and it is free to park on Sunday mornings. Just grab a ticket on the way in, and we can validate at our Welcome Desk in the Lobby/Narthex. We are also right next to the Memorial Park Metro stop, so leave the car at home and take local transit if you want.

+ What about kids?

Children (5th grade and younger) join us in worship on the first Sunday of the month, which is also the Sunday when we share Communion. Other Sundays our kids have a special time of worship together with Pastor Lindsay and her team. If you have kids, make sure to stop by the front lobby off Marengo Ave to get them signed in with our team.

+ I have some religious baggage. Is that okay?

We get it. Lots of people have trauma from a past religious experience. God is love, but church people forget that sometimes. We hope that FBCP might be a place of healing and recovery for your wounds. We will err on the side of grace whenever possible. If your religious trauma is more acute and you would like to speak to a pastor, please contact us and we will sit down over coffee and share our stories.

+ Can I receive Communion if I am new?

There is no cover charge for the body and blood of Christ. Wherever you are in your faith journey, there is room for you at the table. First time in with our church, come on. First time in any church, same thing. Catholic or protestant or I-don’t-do-labels, the bread and the cup are for you too.

+ What if I am an introvert?

If you are more introverted, then visiting a new church is about as fun as a root canal without nitrous oxide. Here is a possible morning routine for your first visit: Email a pastor and let them know you will be visiting and might lay low for a bit. Arrive early enough to not feel rushed. Grab coffee or tea at this great little place right next to the church (Home Brewed Bar) on N Arroyo Pkwy, and enjoy the alone time before worship. When you enter the building, come in from the Marengo entrance glass doors, and find the Connections Desk. Someone there will let you know what to expect on that particular Sunday, and will also have a gift for you! We also have books recommended by our pastors at the Connections Desk. Nothing says “I am busy and can’t talk right now” like reading a book. The sanctuary doors open at 10:25am, and worship begins at 10:30am. There is a card in the bulletin that will help us get to know you better. You can fill that out and drop it in the offering plate toward the end of the service. After worship, you can slip out as fast as you need to.

+ Can I bring my coffee/tea/root beer into the sanctuary?

Yes. Our building is ancient, and a little liquid can’t hurt it. Using a cover is always a good idea. Our floors slightly slope, so a big liquid spill turns into a fun little river.

+ I want to eat lunch with a pastor. Can we make that happen?

Absolutely. Contact Pastor John Jay, the Lead Pastor, who also loves food and new friends. Current favorite restaurants are Amara Chocolate and Coffee in Old Town, and the Little Jewel of New Orleans in Chinatown.

+ What kind of church is this?

Our roots are in the American Baptist tradition. Baptist is a contested term these days, with some of the most annoying religious voices claiming the label, so sorry for the ugliness coming from our larger baptist family. For us, baptist means we are free as a local congregation to discern God’s Spirit in our time and place. We affirm the full leadership of women in leadership and ministry. We are uninterested in partisan politics, but find the Gospel to be inherently political (it would take a lunch conversation to unpack that last sentence, so see the above question). We are diverse in every way possible, and do not maintain a credal litmus test for belonging. We are committed to living into the paradox of our faith, and never settle for easy answers to complex questions. We believe that God is love, generosity, and joy. We try to be the same.

+ My story and identity is…complex. Will there be room for all of me at this church?

Yes, we want to experience the fullest expression of who God has made you. It is a sad reality that church is commonly a place where people are scared to show up in vulnerability and truth. Definitions of identity are swirling in the larger culture, and we hope church is a place where we learn how to be fully ourselves, only more so and more truly. So yes, you are welcome here. All of you. That might all sound well and good, but what about when things get “official?” Beyond participating in congregational life, what about when you feel compelled to become a member, serve or offer institutional leadership? Based on our reading of our guiding documents and the scriptures, membership and leadership is not contingent on sexuality, gender, race, income, or doctrinal minutia. Our deepest concern: is the confession “Jesus is Lord” becoming more true to your life. We want to introduce people to the living God, revealed in Jesus and active in God’s Spirit even still. Do you want to help us do that? Then welcome aboard. We have been waiting for you!